MMH707 – Organisation Development and Change

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Individual Assignment (Workplace Business Report)
Assessment Feedback:

Students who submit their work by the due date will receive their marks and feedback on CloudDeakin
approximately three weeks after the due date.

Description / Requirements

Organisations are now subjected to unprecedented levels of change due to an extremely competitive global
environment. Change managers must therefore be vigilant in monitoring and addressing any issue (internally
or externally to the organisation) which may negatively impact change programs. Of even greater
importance is the ability of change managers to assess whether the organisations for which they work,
exhibit a ‘readiness to change’. Failure to make this assessment, despite the strategic importance and
necessity of certain change initiatives, will almost certainly lead to sub-optimal change outcomes. By taking
the time to reflect on, and address, the issues and factors which can reduce the level of change readiness,
change managers can ensure that an environment exists which allows successful change outcomes to

Task: Business Report (40 marks)

This assignment will be completed on an individual basis.

Your task is to prepare a business report for your immediate supervisor to assess the level of change readiness in your organization. Please structure your report in accordance with the following headings, paying particular attention to the requirements listed. Failure to do this will result in a loss of marks. When addressing the requirements specified under each heading, you must highlight relevant research and its applicability to the organisation you have chosen.

Your report must be agreed to and signed off by your immediate supervisor.

If you are currently between roles or have not worked in a formal organizational setting, please email me with your contact details so that alternative arrangements can be made.


Report Headings

Strategy and Change

  1. State in plain terms what the strategic mission of your organisation is. You must be specific about the strategic goals and objectives your area is trying to achieve to satisfy this mission. To what extent do the change initiatives you normally work on align with the strategic intent (mission, goals and objectives) of your organisation. Why is this alignment important?
  2. In what ways are the following areas relevant when deciding whether or not your organisation is change ready:


  • The internal and external perspectives of strategy
  • Formulation and implementation of strategy as it pertains to change initiatives
  • Organisational structure (does the structure enable or impede change readiness)
  • Value proposition (why is the change initiative specified worth pursuing?)
  1. What is an organisational value chain and why is this concept important when assessing the level of
  2. change readiness?


  1. Briefly explain what organisational culture is and why it is important when assessing your organisation’s change readiness.


  1. Use an appropriate tool to explain your organisation’s culture and discuss how cultural deficiencies can negatively impact your organisation’s ability to successfully implement change initiatives and be a change-ready organisation.


Stakeholder Identification and Management
  1. Explain why stakeholder identification is crucial when implementing change initiatives and how this can impact change readiness.
  2. You must utilise an appropriate tool to identify the most likely stakeholders in your immediate area. To what degree are these stakeholders able to influence your organisation’s level of change readiness and why?
  3. Identification of stakeholders is only the first step in trying to make an organisation change ready.
  4. Explain how stakeholders are managed in your immediate area and to what extent this impacts change readiness.
Resistance to Change

• Define and explain the concept of resistance.

• Does resistance impact change readiness? Explain your answer.

• With respect to change readiness, are there any strategies that you can utilise, or currently utilise, to reduce the level of resistance in your organisation?

Other Considerations

Are there any factors, in addition to those listed above, that you believe must be taken into account when

assessing the change readiness of your organisation? Some of these factors may include risks, opportunity

costs, internal politics, etc.

• Findings

  1. ? You must produce a clear, concise and succinct list of findings which signals to your immediate supervisor the level of change readiness within your organisation. Failure to do this will result in a loss of marks.

Note Carefully: The aim of this report is to highlight the degree to which your organization is ready to accept and implement change and, in doing so, highlight potential areas for improvement. As such, this section of your report should not include a list of recommendations.


Written Assignment Administrative Details

You should include a brief executive summary, table of contents and brief appendices. Extensive appendices may result in a reduction of marks. Use the section headings above to structure the main body of your report (you should not need sub-headings).

This assignment requires robust research and therefore, a reasonable use of references. While textbook references can be used, you are also encouraged to use industry research reports, case studies and any other industry-based evidence to support your findings.


The report must be no longer than 2,500 words (approximately 4 to 5 pages of words, but by including diagrams and any other graphics or figures it will be considerably longer. Words in diagrams such as the Cultural Web or the stakeholder Grid will not be included in the word count provided, they are used to


highlight critical information. If paragraphs of text are included in these diagrams, they will be included in he word count. Words in tables are included in the word count of the main body of your report.

Note that the 2500-word count does not include your cover page, your executive summary, your reference list or your appendices.


Note also that 10% of the total available marks for the assignment may be deducted from your final assignment mark for every 100 words that exceed the 2500-word limit. For example, assignments of 2700 words (not including descriptors in diagrams, cover page, executive summary, reference list or appendices) may receive a penalty deduction of 20% of the total available marks for the assignment. Please do not exceed the word limit for the assignment.

This is a major unit assignment, get started early as the trimester moves very quickly.

Online areas and getting help

A ‘Written Assignment’ link is in the ‘Unit Assessment’ area in the MMH707 Cloud Deakin site (in the Unit Resources folder) and it accessible to all students enrolled in MMH707.

The Written Assignment area contains a Written Assignment Discussion area for questions and discussions of a general nature about the assignment. It is open to all students so that all students can benefit.


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