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In modern times, infrastructural demands are on the rise because of the increase in the economic activities of the countries. However, even with the introduction of advanced technologies and automation strategies, the construction projects are witnessing a rise in the total number of project failures. Failure in the construction projects is mainly because of lack of communication among the clients and the project managers or because the project managers are not able to understand the goals of the project, like what happened in the construction of Sydney opera house. The report here analyses three case studies that have been chosen to understand in details the reasons for the failure of these projects. The report here aims to illustrate the reasons for failures of the construction projects in Australia Subsequently, mitigation strategies have been proposed as well. However, these projects that have been analysed, use of robotics have been low and almost non-existent. Automation within projects has nearly been non-existent. These discrepancies suggest that these projects are not in line with trends and this has affected the overall success of this project. 

Construction projects can be considered successful only when it meets the needs and the requirements of the clients within the specific time and budget that is allocated to the project. However, in the recent past, it is noticed that those construction projects which have failed to keep up with the monetary and periodic deadline have automatically faltered on the quality commitments that were given to the clients by the project manager. This report aims to take into consideration the reason for the overall failures of the project and steps that can be made by the project managers to reduce these incidences of project failures.

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