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Answer 1:

Social media tools definitely have some challenges as opposed to traditional channels of communication and that is very significant in this case (Doorley and Garcia 2015). There can be various challenges in case of social media tools in organization and the challenges can be pointed out here and at the same time challenges or the aspects of traditional channels of communication are pointed below.

In present time with the use of social media there is a wide range of networks and the implementation of it needs to be done with caution and organization (Perkowski and Targett 2016).

Traditional channels of communication do not have wide networks and the networks are limited and thereby no cautious step is necessary (Binder 2016).

Social media has a large audience

Traditional channels of communication does not have a large audience

Wasting of office time or office’s valuable time can be one challenge in case of social media tool

There is no wasting of time in case of traditional channels of communication

Being reckless and insensitive in posting comments and views in social media that is not at all acceptable by the organization and is also not ethical (Doorley and Garcia 2015).

In case of Traditional channels of communication is done over phone or e-mail and thus no approach of negative vibes or comments being read by people across of globe is possible

Bringing in harm towards the reputation and name of the organization (Perkowski and Targett 2016)

No such harm can be brought in large scale to the company even if one communicates negative comments about a company since the receiver of the message is limited (Binder 2016).

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