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1. Whom did you reach out to and what is their relation to you?

In this interview, I went to a Supervisor from my workplace in a Health care Centre. I asked them regarding some biggest issue, which nowadays the healthcare centres are facing while giving service to their patients. While that interview is going on, I came to know that according to the survey there is a huge problem which nowadays-healthcare department need to face is a harmful treatment to Patients. Before, people use to come in any healthcare department with full trust and dependence towards their authority. However, in current time people get confused and not satisfied with the service of healthcare department towards their patient. Being my supervisor, he is more experienced and knowledgeable regarding the issues, which are now being faced by both health care department and people who come for service. Therefore, while taking an interview of my supervisor and can get to know some vital issues, which need to be solved out recently, before any type of huge destruction happens in the health department.

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