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Freya Wilson

13 Jan, 2022


When students are handed over an essay to write, they will be given a topic. Know the Best Essay Writing Topics for 2022.

Critical essay writing becomes challenging when students choose their own topic. There are numerous topics to write an essay on. Essay writing is an important assignment for students. They are expected to think about a topic, explore the ideas on the topic and persuade the readers. But finding the right topic to suit the need will challenge the students' skills.

Here is a list of descriptive and argumentative essays for the students. The list of topics will work with a short description to connect better.

Is climate change a legitimate challenge?

As critical analysis essay writing is concerned, climate change is a hot topic in the current market. In fact, it is a very positive topic for middle schoolers and even college students. As the topic name suggests, the topic is an argumentative essay.

Essay is a topic which can help to educate the middle schoolers and engage them in social work. The practice of this topic can enhance the knowledge of the students and enhance the learning and development. The topic is perfect for a persuasive essay, informative essay or can work as a cause-and-effect essay.

Benefits of studying book

It is a perfect essay critical essay example topic for middle schoolers especially. It will be a great way to explore the importance of the book in a smart device-infested world. It will help them develop the practice of book study, which can benefit their future knowledge.

Students can share their opinions on studying a book and how it is still a relevant source of information. They can also create a persuasive essay to encourage other students to read books.

A memory from childhood 

It is a good topic for critical analysis essay examples where student can show their creativity. It might seem a topic for middle schoolers, but it has the quality to challenge college students. The topic might seem easy, but it needs comprehensive ability, use of language, and a creative approach.

Students will come up with various stories and share their own views on their childhood. The best part is that there can be various types of experiences. The topic is a good one to get through to the students and break the ice for the graduate-level students. However, the expected learning level needs to be different.

Addiction to online games

In a market where Pubg and Free Fire are very popular, the level of addiction they have on kids is a topic to be debated. Then why not bring it up as a critical essay topic? It is a topic that the students will connect and add various insights to.

The students will also explore aspects like mental health and how they are affected by the multi-player video game.

Is sugar tax legitimate

When the critical essay writers are from college, and a competitive topic is needed, the argument on sugar tax is a perfect match. Researches have proved that sugar is bad for health, and the government in countries like the USA has imposed a tax on sugar food like aerated drinks.
Whether it is legitimate or not can be a perfect essay topic. Graduate students can easily argue on the topic or write a persuasive essay to provide a good topic for the readers.

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