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Term of Use

We suggest you read the subsequent or next conditions and terms very cautiously before having use of any of our services. You are requested to go through with the terms before placing an order. In given condition, use of ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our company’, ‘Assignment achievers’ and ‘our firm’ denotes to www.assignmentachievers.com and in some way if we say, ‘you’, ‘scholars’, ‘clients’ or ‘students’ then it means to guardians, parents, students or any individual who is taking services from our company or website. These rules or terms and conditions are valid to all operators of our amenities or service area and also guests (who visits) on our website. Terms and conditions are given below:

  1. Limitation on Use

One who is using our services should be 10 years old or older. One who is under 10 years and want to avail of our services then they can use our services only after having the consent of their legal guardian or parents. The acceptance of the facilities is only for you. You are not allowed to allocate your privileges to access to receive the services or to access the course materials to some other person if we have not jointly decided in writing to do the same.

We give you partial rights to avail of our facilities for the personal purpose not for the non-commercial. You can change download, copy, display, distribute, transmit, perform, reproduce, publish, offer for sale or duplicate any information got from us but only after having consent in written form.

By using or registering the facilities of our company, you sustain that you will use details given by the instructor for purpose of study only and that you won’t give in to these details as novel or unique student work for grades or course credit. Any defilement of these conditions associated to use of our site, or its facilities will dismiss your authorization approved or settled by us.


  1. Statement of Copyright

The material written on our or this website is copyrighted contents that are completely, and entirely preserved ad owned by www.assignmentachievers.com. Though, you can have the print of this material for non-commercial usage only. No authorization and approval are provided to someone to use the material which is written on this website for purpose of commercial use or to alter for any other persistence. All privileges specified in the policy section are kept with assignmentachievers.com.

All amenities given by assignment achievers are subject to copyright of assignmentachievers.com, and the whole sole proprietorship and possession go with assignment achievers. It never is re-sold to anyone else in any situation. According to the fair use of our policy & disclaimer, the facilities given are for use of individuals & the user cannot privilege the acknowledgment or acclaim for the service.

  1. Limitation & Warranty of Liability

We have no legal responsibility or obligations for any delay or interruption in surfing to our website. Nevertheless, we with our team are every time ready to support or help you. We don't agree to take accountability for data loss or damage of data on your Personal Computer, network, or server. We apply only well-tested and trusted software. Our devoted and keen experts or authorities do their best to make sure a smooth procedure. Yet, we cannot do any agreement that our website’s access will be 100 percent free from error.

We keep the authority to hang the access for the planned update or maintenance of our site. We are not even answerable for non-access to our website because of any reasons like failures of equipment or links, as you can understand the above-mentioned failures are obviously not in our control. We are also not answerable for the failure of students in any course as the help of assignment is a subjective matter. Assignment achievers have a team of qualified professionals who give their top to answer and explain the assignments, tasks, or projects and we are every time ready or enthusiastic to assist.

In the situation of lower grades get up because of our amenities, we shall give or provide reworks yet there are no repayments of any kind as to each task is measured and took as a product and once carried out to the student, it measured as the product traded or sold. The type of service is subject & might outcome in the discrepancy of outlooks, & therefore, in measures of any mistakes, missing items, non-execution or any mismatch, etc., the expert shall be given rational chances to complete the work. If we talk about the timeline, then for sending of any revised work shall be contingent upon the compensation plan selected by the client.

  1. Other terms

  • Some other terms of use also need to be discussed. Those are mentioned below:


  1. Refund and Revision Policy: To know about this policy, please see the REVISION AND REFUND POLICY section.

  2. Privacy Policy: To know about this policy, please see the PRIVACY POLICY section.

  3. Charges: We keep the authority to charge subscription or membership fees for availing any of our facilities.

  4. Severability: in case, any of these conditions turn out to be unenforceable as a complete or in portion, the validity of additional conditions of the agreement will keep on or continue to unaffected.

  5. Amendments: We keep the only authority to modify or revise rules, terms & conditions without serving notice to you. The up-to-date form of terms & conditions will succeed in preceding or earlier forms.

  6. Termination: We keep the only authority or right to dismiss part of the service or whole of the service contract at any moment.

  7. Entire Agreement: Terms of use of Service completed in the newest contract between assignment achievers and the student will terminate and supersede all the past or previous contracts.

  8. Subscription: By subscribing or registering to our amenities and service area. The operator agrees to take to accept the subscription email about the assignment achiever’s service informs or any other offers related to the promotion activities.


Revision & Refund Policy


We request you to go through the subsequent “Revision & Refund Policy” cautiously because of its accompaniments the “terms of use” which are lawfully or officially compulsory contract and arrangement between you and our company. You need to read it properly. The policy is explained below through some points:

  1. If you or student or client has chosen to call off your order before the work started by the expert on it, in that case, a charge of cancellation that is 25% will be charged on the full amount decided between the company & you. 

  2. Though, if the professional has before now started solving the task, in that case, you will have the decision in your hand, either to endure with the task given or the professional will also subtract a quantity corresponding to work done with a charge of cancellation that is 25% of the full decided amount. 

  3. This is due to the professional who begins with your task, he or she must obtain reimbursement or reward for their job. 

  4. Orders or assignments given with a time limit of 24 hours or less, or we can say 24 hours are left to submit the assignment, will not be in any circumstances permitted to refunded or cancel.

  5. If you found that you were paid two times and you got 2 payment receipts from the paypal.com, Moneybookers.com, or any other payment processing mode, then never hesitate to tell us or let us know. 

  6. If you got 2 receipts of payment, then send both the receipts to our order page or share it through live chat. You will every time have a selection option of receiving it revived in the wallet or to find it repaid in whole in around 7-10 working days. 

  7. We each and every time do our best to allocate the greatest suitable expert to work on your assignment or task; though it is still conceivable in the rare cases, the expert is not existing. If this will happen, we will do your following task of the same price or worth for FREE OF COST.

  8. It is your responsibility to share all the correct details, guidelines, and material concerning your assignment at the time of giving the order.

  9. In very rare cases if the order may be brought post the time line due to, delayed or no answer or reply from your side, absence of the comprehensive details, or absence of research information.

  10. Though, we every time make the best possible work to retain it on or before time & therefore, we are pleased and satisfied to privilege that the rate of punctuality has every time been above 99 %. 

  11. In circumstances of no answer to the question or inquiry within 24 hours, if the professional finishes the task after waiting, in that case, no variations shall be considered, or otherwise if, the inquiry or question is answered within or after 24 hours. The time limit might be extended according to the obtainability of the professional. Request to cancel the order shall be operated out as per the point no. 1.

  12. The 100 percent fulfillment rule makes sure that we will permit review or reconsideration on the base, to begin with, given instructions and guidelines until we fulfill them. Though, it should be done as per the given deadline in your plan of payment. 

  13. We will not consider any revision or rework application after the specified time line. In addition, the deadline is considered from the time of 1st proposal & there will be no repayment in cases like this for any assumed condition.

  14. Even though it will not happen that you might get fail or very little grade in your task, projects, or assignments; in any circumstances if it happens, we will refund 50 percent in the customer’s wallet. 

  15. Though the extremely accessible time to claim it depends on the plan of payment, that is mentioned below:

  1. Ninety / 90 days for Premium customers, 

  2. Sixty / 60 days for Standard Payment Plans customers and

  3.  Forty - Five / 45 days for Limited Payment Plan customers

since the day of 1st comprehensive submission or 1st submission in case of projects needed fractional or part submissions. 

  1. Any claim after this above-mentioned time line will not be considered. The motive for repaying 50% of the total payment is, that we need to pay a professional in advance only, so it is not conceivable for the company to have the compensation return from the expert. 

  2. Though, to make sure the value of the upcoming tasks, we shall take strict act counter to the expert that may lead even to end or firing of the service area of that expert from our company. 

  3. The refund amount is not appropriate and considered for entitlements where marks got are above 49.99 percent, or unsuccessful score or fail is not acknowledged even if, a percentage is lower than 50 percent.

  4. There are 3 diverse compensation categories or plans to order any assignment, those are:

  1. Limited, 

  2. Standard & 

  3. Premium. 

We definitely discriminate between the amenities and therefore, responsibility basis the same. The groups or classes distinguish on the foundation of ratings of the user received by the specialists, experts, or professionals on the base of his or her amenity & a lot of other advantages.

  1. One can upgrade the order as well even after compensation is completed for a lesser plan of payment & enjoy the profits and paybacks of eminent facilities. You can also refer the particulars even though making the payment for any task, job, or assignment.

  2. In any case, we do not have any policy related to cash refund excluding point no. 2 in this service, consequently, if your privilege is genuine as per the above-mentioned points, then we refund in the wallet.

  3. We do not have any policy regarding refund permitted after consuming the amenities for a resume, plagiarism report, and pre-used solutions of the task, job, or assignment.

  4. If the claim of your repayment or other matter does not come in the above-mentioned classes, in that case, it won’t be measured as legal or effective and there won’t be any refund.


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