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A sequence diagram is a part of the UML diagram. The sequence diagram represents the dynamic behavior of the system object. Students pursuing software engineering or other software development courses they will surely get assignments on UML and sequence diagram. As it is part of the lifecycle of software development. 

But for many students Sequence diagram is troublesome. The complex concept of the sequence diagram makes it difficult for the students to do it. Usually, students seek someone’s help for completing the assignments. A well-written assignment helps the student to achieve good grades.

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What is a Sequence Diagram?

A Sequence Diagram shows the interaction of the objects which are arranged in the sequence according to time. The sequence diagram represents the interaction and order of multiple system processes. The sequence diagram is also called a diagram for visualizing event scenarios. The sequence diagram helps to identify the sequence of the action, it helps synchronizes the events and the activities involved in the system. It can be also said it represents the logical view of the underdevelopment system. It is the sequence of messages which are exchanged among the objects. The sequence diagram has vertical lines also known as lifelines and the horizontal lines as messages. The sequence diagram is frequently used as the interaction diagram.

Notations of Sequence Diagram

  • Actors: In the UML Sequence diagram actor is an outsider from the scope of the system. It interacts with the system objects. Actor illustration for external access role, it can be a human user or other system access. There can be more than one actor in the sequence. The symbol for actor:

  • Lifelines – A lifeline represents the element with the names which describe every single element in a sequence diagram. Every instance is represented by a lifeline in a sequence diagram. Lifeline elements are placed at the very top in a sequence diagram. The symbol for a lifeline is a rectangle called the head. The rectangle block is located on top place in the sequence diagram with the vertical dashed line also known as a stem.

  • Messages – It establishes the communication between the objects. The message is arranged for the sequence of the lifeline. It is represented by arrows. Message and lifeline form the core of the sequence diagram. The classification of the message is as below:
  1. Synchronous message: In when an object sends a message it will wait till the reply is reverted by the object. The symbol of the synchronous message is a solid black line.
  2. Asynchronous message: The symbol for the asynchronous message is a dashed line. In this both the sender does not have to wait for the reply. Interaction can be established without waiting for a reply.
  3. Create a message: For the initiation of the new object create a message that is used in sequence message. Create a message symbol that is a dotted arrow.
  4. Delete message: For deleting an object from the sequence diagram delete message is used. The occurrence of the object can be deleted by delete messages.
  5. Self-massage: In the case of when the object needs to send a message to itself, the Self message is used. The symbol for the self message is U shaped arrow.
  6. Reply message: Reply message shows the message sent by the receiver. The symbol for the reply message is an open arrowhead with a dotted line.
  7. Found message: When an unknown source sends a message found message is used. A symbol is an arrow going towards a lifeline.
  8. Lost message: In case when the receiver is unknown the lost message is used. One example could be the scenario when a warning is prompted.
  • Guards: In the sequence diagrams guards holds an important part. Scenario, when the pretext conditions are met, will restrict the flow of messages. It is represented by an oval symbol.

A sequence diagram is a very import part of UML diagrams. It is used to visualize and model the system function logic. It helps design the workflow of the processes. It shows the detailed view of the UML diagram. It helps in the deep understanding of the system. A sequence diagram manages the messages between the objects.

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