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Android platform is a type of Linux-based and open-source operating system. It is used mainly for mobile machines or devices like tablet computers and smartphones. The android operating system was developed and announced by the Open Handset Alliance, which is led by Google, and some other organizations and companies.

The android operating system gives an approach which is unified to application design and development for mobile phones. It means that application developers will develop an application for the android operating system and this application must able to install and run on various mobile phones powered by the Android operating system.  

The 1st beta form or version of the SDK (Android Software Development Kit) was announced by Google company in the year 2007. Although, the 1st business and commercial form or version, Android 1.0 of the android operating system were announced in September 2008.

On June 27, in the year 2012, Google company released the next and upgraded Android operating system’s version, Android 4.1 named Jelly Bean at the Google I/O meet or conference. Jelly Bean version of android is an incremental modernize version, with the basic goal of enhancing the user line interface, both in terms of performance and functionality.

The source program or code for the Android system is accessible under unrestricted, open-source and allowed software licenses. Google company prints maximum code under the License version 2.0 of Apache and the remaining code prints under the License version 2 of GNU General Public. It is a change of Linux kernel.

Application creator Methodology

The application creator is built on drag and drop feature and its functionality. The designers and developers have made Java language blocks for a different element that can be very easily and simply added to our application which is android based. it can be given a performance like What will occur as a button is pressed, the mobile phone is tilted, the mobile screen is touched, etc.

In the Android platform, we are having various kinds of Mobile applications. Those are given below:

Native Applications:

Native applications are applications designed to be applied on an android platform or operating system like iOS, Android, etc. Native applications are typically scripted in languages that the platform undertakes. They are in addition constructed by using the exact IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the assumed operating systems, such as Android Studio for XCode and Android Apps for iOS Apps.

The basic benefit of inhabitant applications is that they enhance operator knowledge. By existence developed and designed precisely for that system platform, they look, observe, present and perform better.

Here are some examples of prevalent Native Applications, those are given below:

  • WordPress for iOS
  • Instagram for Android
  • 2048 game for iOS
  • VLC media player for Android

Native type Applications are typically made up by using some of the following mentioned programming languages:

  • Objective C or Swift for iOS-based platform applications
  • Java and Kotlin for Android-based applications
  • VB.NET or C - sharp or for the Windows platform applications

Hybrid Applications:
These types of android applications are designed and developed to be applied across many of the platforms that can be positioned on both Android and iOS platforms.

Hybrid type mobile applications are made up in the same way as websites. it uses an arrangement of technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. though, in the place of aiming a mobile system browser, a hybrid kind of application aim a Web View presented inside an innate container. it allows them to do objects like retrieving the hardware system abilities of the mobile system device.

Nowadays, most of the hybrid type mobile applications influence Apache Cordova, which is a platform that gives a coherent set of JavaScript APIs to retrieve device abilities via plug-ins, which are made up of native programs or code.

Some Examples of general Hybrid type Applications are: FanReact, MarketWatch, TripCase, and Untappd

Some well-liked structure for making Hybrid type applications comprise;

  • Ionic Framework
  • Sencha Touch
  • PhoneGap etc.

Progressive Web Applications abbreviated as PWA:
A Progressive Web Application is abbreviated as PWA. PWA is a web application that implies advanced web abilities to give an application-like feel or experience to users without needing them to install an application from the play store or Application Store.

They are normally approachable by a website URL which can every time be saved and pinned or on our home screen of mobile phones. These applications are n normally de up by using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Some Examples of popular Progressive Web Applications are mentioned below:

  • AliExpress’s PWA
  • NASA’s PWA
  • Financial Times PWA
  • The recently just launched PayStack’s PWA

Process of Android application development
Here we are mentioning the steps involved in the development of the android based application:

  • Set up the environment for development such as SDK, JDK, and Eclipse, etc.
  • Built application: this step consists of android based task or project which has java files and resource files.
  • Testing of application: it involves two tasks that are: pack task into a debuggable file with extension .apk. and install, run, execute and debug on system, device, platform, or emulator.
  • Publish and announce android applications in the rich market of android.

Android application features

  • It is isolated from other applications.
  • It can Install in its own virtual process and machine.
  • These applications are not able to see or know data directly from other applications.
  • These are having some basic elements.
  • Components of an android application can be individually activated.

Android services

Here some services are mentioned those are provided by the Android system or application:

  • A faceless element can run in its background like network download, music player, etc.

  • In low memory, the android system can stop services forcefully.
  • Android services can start by using commands such as startService(), bindService().
  • The system never kills any services, if services get killed by the system then it starts it again as resources are available.

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