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If you are a student of advanced physics or related to physics like science student, then definitely u will get homework and assignment related to physics. Physics is a vast subject, you might get a problem in solving those assignments and homework. In that case, u need not worry about it, as we are here to assist you in homework and assignment related to physics subjects. We are having a great team of experts and professionals of physics who have matching degree or experience in the subject. Our subject expert knows the value of your homework and assignment. And we promise you to achieve good grades and great marks in the physics homework help.


We follow these steps to solve physics homework


At the time of solving. Our subject experts follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Read the question & problem: First, we understand the question or problem carefully and then renovate the statement of the problem into a brief statement or group of points to define the problem more concisely. Comprise statements around conceptual methods, for example, conservation of momentum, kinematics problem, and conservation of energy.

  2. Draw a plan or diagram: All dynamics related questions or problems those concerned with forces should have a free-body structure or diagram.

  3. State the unknown & known variables: From the question statement, we write down the variables with the units and values. find the unknown parameters. Complete unit alterations on your recognized measures, if required. Check that all standards have units from one type of system only. This is generally but not at all times the S.I. unit system.

  4. State the formulae or equations: find the formula or equations that concern to the problem. There might be more than 1 method to explain the question so set the equations or formulae by the kind of conceivable solution.

  5. Solve & explain the equation: Solve all the equations for the unknown parameters.

  6. Put the known values into the answered calculation: Consist of units & values.

  7. Estimate and compute unknown values from the known values: State concluding value in a suitable format (engineering, fixed and scientific). Use the accurate & precise number of important records. Change concluding units if needed.

  8. Check ultimate answer for reasonability: now we check for, Does the solution make logic? For example, Is a
    velocity more than the light speed? Is a physique more than the total physique of the space? Do you get anyone enlivening a weight that is more than the weight of their vehicle or car?

  9. The supernumerary solution into alternative formulae: Check the uniformity of the concluding result by putting the values into the equations or formulae from a different solution and ensure that the solution is identical.

  10. Script a final statement. We are always definite that our final solution and answer have an accurate & precise number of signings and the accurate units. We ensure sure that all vectors have both direction & magnitude. We make sure that we have answered the given and original question.

Topics covered in physics homework


Topics covered by us in physics homework help are listed below:


  1. Mathematical Concepts and Vectors

  2. Circular Motion

  3. Kinematics in Two Dimensions

  4. Kinematics in One Dimension

  5. Forces and Newton's Laws

  6. Energy

  7. Oscillations & SHM

  8. Impulse and Momentum

  9. Electric Forces and Fields

  10. Fluids

  11. Ideal Gases and Thermodynamics

  12.  Waves and Sound

  13. Principle of Superposition and Interference

  14. Electric Circuits

  15. Refraction of Light: Lenses

  16. Temperature and Heat

  17. Electric Potential

  18. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

  19. Interference and Wave Nature of Light

  20. Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields

  21. Particles and Waves

  22. Electromagnetic Waves

  23. Electromagnetic Induction

  24. Reflection of Light: Mirrors

  25. Special Relativity

  26. The Nature of the Atom and many more.

If your topic is not in the above list, don’t worry, just let us know your topic. We deal with many more topics in physics.



Introduction to physics

The physics branch is one of the wide-ranging subjects that comes under the group of Science. The main thing behind the three divisions of science that are Biology, Chemistry and Physics is to know the law, rule, and act of the universe and know the whole thing in it. Physics is concerned with every facet of Space. It is a logical, methodical and systematic study that rules the natural phenomenon and physical world around us. It pacts with the substance, material and its connection to energy.

The whole thing from the rainbow creation of eclipse manifestation to the dropping of things from up to gravity or down, the reason behind the sunrise and sunset, all assured to have responses and Basic Physics conditions it all. Behind each problem or question lies the four vital terms and aspects to know: Theory, Hypothesis, Law, and Model.

Figure: physics in everyday life

Physics is a very complex and complicated subject, yet it also depends on a number of the rules and law of nature that is recognized on inventions & discoveries. Some of them comprise Theory of Relativity the laws of thermodynamics by sir Albert Einstein,  Sir Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and his Law of Gravity as well as. The numerous divisions of Physics are mentioned below:

  1. Classical Mechanics

  2. Relativity

  3. Electromagnetism

  4. Thermodynamics

  5. Integrative Fields

Physics practices the processes and methods that are methodical, logical, scientific and precise to make known the principles or ideologies that govern matter and light as well. It is to discover, learn and decide the consequences of those laws and rules. Physics objects to explain the function of each and everything present near about us with the movement of tiny and small charged and electric particles to the motion of flights, people and care.

Everything near us and around us can be very precisely and correctly described by the rules and laws of physics. Physics subject is also around the study of forces & nature which are calculated by the physical quantities

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    Assignment Help Why Students Order last minute
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    Few Hours Left To Submission

    Why students order last minute assistance
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