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What do you mean by MATLAB?

MATLAB language is a kind of high-level computer language needed for technical calculations. It incorporates various computations, picturization, and programming in a user-friendly language where troubles and its solutions are conveyed in simpler mathematical notation. It includes the following:

MATLAB tool is a participating system in which root data substance is an array structure that doesn’t need dimensioning. It grants us to fix multiple technical related computing issues, particularly that with multidimensional vector and matrix formulas, in a degree of the moment it would carry to form a script in a scalar noninteractive programming like Fortran or C language.

The name of MATLAB comes from the matrix laboratory. it was basically developed to impart simple retrieve to simulation of matrix evolved by projects like EISPACK and LINPACK. It brings the state of art computational analysis to the user for integrating multiple computations together.

Developers spent many years developing a MATLAB program in various fields. Today MATLAB is a compulsory learning programming course in various universities and school’s syllabus. It starts with basic tools like arithmetical expression, graph plotting, to advance coding techniques in the field of Science, mathematics, and engineering. From an industry point of view, MATLAB has proven its potential for high type productivity tools through development research, analysis and observation.

MATLAB facilitates a branch of user-specific solutions known as a package. MATLAB is developed for user type of specific applications that govern ease to users from an application point of view. Toolboxes are a broad archive of MATLAB tool files for example m-files that details the MATLAB tool environment to resolve the specific type of issues.


Part of MATLAB

The MATLAB is divided into five basic parts:

  1. The MATLAB based language

MATLAB is a high level and complex set of language that uses matrix beside control and manage flow sequence, jobs, data structures, IO (output and input), an object-oriented type language. It imparts "computation in the minor" to fast create instant and nasty functions, and "programming in the bigger" to build full and intricate application functions.

  1. Working or functioning environment

MATLAB is the defined combination of gears and tools and perks that operate beside the language named MATLAB programmer or user. It incorporates amenities to arranging the variables in the given workspace and run into the script editor. It also comprises some tools for debugging, developing and managing applications of MATLAB.

  1. Handle Graphics

MATLAB related graphics tool involves high level type commands for plots 2D and 3D information plotting, image visualization, interactive design animation and various graphics edition. Low-level commands also used to optimize the presentation of graphics and easy Graphical kind of User Interfaces on our tool that is MATLAB platform.

  1. Mathematical features library of tool MATLAB

This tool is a huge collection of calculative, numerical and mathematical algorithms ranged from primary features such as add, log, cosine, sine and complex type arithmetic, to extra refined features such as the matrix’s eigenvalues, inverse of a matrix, FFT (fast Fourier transforms) and Bessel’s functions.

  1. The MATLAB code or Program connection or Interface for a specific application

This is a MATLAB command collection that permits us to program Fortran and C codes that dialogues with the MATLAB tool. It has features for requesting rite from MATLAB, calling MATLAB as a compute engine and machine, and for studying and programming mat type  files also known as m files.



Ways to use MATLAB:

There are three ways to use the MATLAB program

(1) Interactive mode: In this mode, the user needs to type commands with the define variables. It usually was done in the empty workspace with some optional command like velar command

(2) Simple scripts: It conducts M-file to run that includes a list of commands that may have long command or short command as per user requirement. It operates on existing data written in the work-space and gets the result in the form of a matrix that can have any number of dimensions

 (3) Versatile M-file operations: At the last m-file could return values in form of a matrix which can be reusable for other functions (make sure that the file is in the right path of the folder containing the MATLAB results)


The default MATLAB  has interface parts as follows:
  1. Command Window:- It is the first step of MATLAB where MATLAB executes temporarily matlab code or existing matlab code thus it offers a direct platform to run the code on the simulator.
  2. Workspace:- The workspace is the section of MATLAB that is used to denote one fresh allocation of various MATLAB variables. Basically, the workspace is broken into three different sections. In the first section, the MATLAB variable is defined, in the second section variable type is described and at last in the third part, it defines the variable values.
  3. Command History:- The command history section is the 3rd part of the MATLAB in which various MATLAB codes are shown that are performed earlier
  4. Current Folder location:- The current Folder location describes the path of the folder in the computer in which user-defined MATLAB codes are present
  5. Current Folder figures: – This folder consist of the data which is in provided in the current location of the folder

The MATLAB has 3 codes which are utilized quite frequently during the Matlab basic coding and these codes are:

  1. . CLC= This command clears the command window showing on the screen
  2. Clear all: - This command deletes or reset all the defined variable saved previously on the workspace
  3. Close all: – This command “close all” is the command that is used to close all the interface and reaches to default MATLAB interface.


Features of Matlab

Matlab feature can be shown as below:

  1. It is a type of high-level coding programming language which is expended for various computations, picturization, and for the development purpose.
  2. Matlab is an open-end platform for solving or computing complex functions.
  3. Matlab offers a wide library of defined mathematical functions to execute operations
  4. Due to its interactive interface of GUI and plotting It is widely used for the data analysis
  5. For reform code quality, It provides defined development tools with GUI for data analysis through visualization.
  6. Matlab can be the sum with exterior applications and another platform like C and Java etc.


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