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Process Management

A Program or code is none of the use until and unless its instructions and commands are performed by a Central Processing Unit (CPU). A code or program in implementation is known as a process. To achieve its process, task and methods require the resources of the computer.

There might be more than one method in the system or scheme which may need the same resource at the parallel time. consequently, the working system and scheme must maintain all the resources and the methods in a suitable, convenient, efficient and effective way. certain resources may require to be implemented by one method at 1 time to manage the constancy then the system or scheme can become unpredictable and deadlock or impasse may occur.

Characteristics of a process

The characteristics of the process or method are used by the Operating System to make the PCB that is a process control block for respectively of them. it is also known as the background of the method. characteristics which are stored or kept in the Process Control Block which can be explained as follows: Program control, Process ID, Priority, process steps, General purpose resistor, open device list and open file list:

  1. Program counter

A program counter saves the location address of the last used command or instruction of the method on which the method was barred. The Central Processing Unit uses its location address when the implementation of this process or method is restarted.

  1. Process ID (identification of process)

When a process or method is made, unique identification is allocated to the method that is applied for the unique ID of the method in the system or method.

  1. Priority

Every process, instruction, and method have its own self priority. The instruction with the greatest priority including the methods gets the Central Processing Unit first. This is also stored on the PCB (process control block).

  1.  Process State

The method or Process, from its formation to the conclusion, goes via different states that are latest, new, waiting, running and ready.

  1. General Purpose Registers (GPR)

each process has its combination of registers that are used to grip or store the data and information which is produced during the implementation and execution of the instruction and process.

  1. open devices list

Operating System, in addition, manages the list of all open type devices that are implied at the time of the execution and implementation of the instruction and process.

  1. open files list

During the implementation and Execution, every instruction implies some files which require to be there in the main memory space. Operating System also continues an open file list in the Process Control Box.


Operations on the Process management

Some operations which are applicable to process management are given below:

1. Creation

Once the instruction and process are made, it will be prepared and exist into the ready to execute queue in main memory and it will be prepared for the implementation and execution.

2. Scheduling

Out of the maximum processes and instruction present in the prepared queue or line, the Operating system selects one method and start implementing and executing it. choosing the method that is to be implemented and executed next, is called scheduling.

3. Execution

Once the instruction and process are planned for the implementation or execution, the instruction or processor starts implementing and executing it. Instruction and Process can come to the blocked, obstructed or in state of a wait during the implementation or execution then in these circumstances the instruction or processor starts implementing the other methods and processes.

4. killing or Deletion

As the intention of the instruction or process gets end then the Operating System will delete or kill the instruction or process. The background of the instruction or process will be killed, and the instruction, method, and process get ended by the Operating system.

Basic process organization help

Now one can apply for some primitive process management help. The aim is to ease so that we will not be executed a higher multilevel response system and scheme with input and output resources allocations, task support, etc. but will concentrate on an easier but efficient and effective scheduler.

To do the above task, let us see at the aims of what we should do, to add help:

  1. parse and Load an executable picture into memory space.
  2. Manage and achieve a catalog of PCBs for instructions and processes.
  3. help consumer mode projects and tasks.
  4. help multiple computer-generated address spaces.
  5. Assign stack location or space for each instruction and process.
  6. choose an arranging algorithm and apply task switching.

These are the aims to help to multitask. The instructions, methods, and processes will be the mode of user processes and methods. Multitasking, though trusts in both processes scheduling and process management. Because of this, we will emphasize on design the framework to help to multitask, but it will only permit one method with 1 drift.

Program and Process

A process, method, and instruction are a program or code in execution procedure. Such as, when we script code in C programming language or C++ programming language and accumulate it, the compiler machine makes binary code language. The original program, code, and binary code are both codes or programs. When we run the binary program or code, it turns out to be a process or method. An instruction process is an active type entity, as different to a program or code, that is reflected to be a passive type entity. A solitary program or code can make many methods when run numerous times; as an example, as we open a file with extension .exe or binary file many times, numerous cases start (numerous processes are invented).

Process control block (PCB)

We are having PCBs for every process. PCB is a data structure, which includes:

  1. process state
  2. CPU scheduling
  3. Process ID
  4. CPU register
  5. Program counter
  6. Accounting information
  7. Memory management information
  8. Input-output status information

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