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A database management system (abbreviated as DBMS), also called a database manager is essentially a software with which facts are created, retrieved and accessed in a database. A single user in a database management tool does not need to know the physical location of the statistics on storage media and can get entry to the data.

Similarly, multiple customers could be able to access the same facts simultaneously. While managing requests from users, the database management machine performs information integrity and uniqueness tests which includes records security checks to ensure that information can always be accessed and retrieved with the aid of those having get entry to rights and as supposed, there could be constancy in organizing the facts.

A typical database management device is a relational database management system with a user and software application graphical consumer interface known as the framework question language. The latest database management device is the type of object-oriented DBMS (database management system).

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Overview of DB or Database
A database is a combination of connected facts that gives a few factors of the real-time world. A database management system is made, developed, designed and created to be constructed, saved and occupied with records for an efficient and positive task.

Overview of DBMS
Database Management System which is abbreviated as DBMS is a type of software to store and retrieve facts, data, and information of users while thinking about appropriate security calculation and measures. It resides in a collection of applications that manage the database. The DBMS tool has accepted and takes the demand for information from software and gives instructions to the operating instrument or device to offer input. In massive tools, a DBMS facilitates consumers and different third-party kind of software programs to store, warehouse, retrieve and execute records.

DBMS permits consumers to make their personal databases according to their requirements. 

The terminology "DBMS" incorporates the consumer of the database and different software packages. 

It offers a link between the information and the tool or software program utility.

The types of DBMS are as follows:

  • Network
  • Hierarchical
  • Object-Oriented
  • Relational DBMS 

History of Data Base Management System
Here we have the crucial milestones from the history of DBMS, those are mentioned below:

1. In the year1960, scientist Charles Bachman made up the first DBMS system.

2. In the year 1970, Codd delivered an Information Management System that is called IMS of IBM.

3. In the year 1976, scientist Peter Chen coined and described the Entity-relationship model also recognize as the ER version.

4. In the year 1980, the Relational Model will become a widely standard database component

5. In the year 1985, Object-oriented DBMS designs and develops.

6. In the year1990s, a combination of object-orientation principle in relational DBMS has been done.

7. In the year1991, Microsoft ships MS got entry to a private DBMS, and that replaces all other private type DBMS products.

8. In the year 1995, the First Internet-based database applications have designed.

9. In the year 1997, XML implemented database system processing. Many vendors begin to combine XML concepts into the DBMS products.

Features of DBMS (i.e., Database Management System)

  • DBMS gives safety and gets rid of redundancy.
  • It is having Self-sort of describing the character of a database management system
  • Its having protection between the packages and facts removal
  • confirmation for numerous visions of the statistics has observed.
  • It has features of the distribution of data, information, and transaction for multiuser or contract processing.
  • DBMS permits objects, entities, units and maintains relations amongst above to shape the database tables.
  • DVBMS keeps on the idea of ACID (which is having Consistency, Atomicity, Durability, and Isolation).
  • DBMS maintains a multi kind of user nature that permits consumers to get entry to and edit records at the same time.

Software used for DBMS
List of software used for DBMS is given below:

  • MySQL
  • FoxPro
  • Oracle
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft access
  • PostgreSQL
  • dBase
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • LibreOffice base 
  • IBM DB2 ETC.


DBMS Applications
Application fields of DBMS are mentioned following:

  • Banking
  • Universities
  • Finance
  • Airlines
  • Telecommunications
  • Sales
  • HR management
  • Manufacturing, and many more.

What is meant by Database Architecture?

Database Management System architecture or structure allows in the design, creation, development, execution, implementation, and maintenance of a database system. A database has or stores critical information and data for a business. Selecting the correct and accurate Database Architecture or structure enables in th quick and stable entry to this data.

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