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In writing an information security assignment, several students find many difficulties. For writing an assignment on information security one needs to have a deep knowledge of the subject. Students must possess computer network management and administration skills.

Especially those who dreamt of having a career in data communication, network management, network designing, network administration must have a good knowledge of information security. Almost in every university or college students who are perusing IT, courses get this as an important assignment.

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What is Information Security?

Today, Information technology is a part of every business, day to day life revolves around computers and mobiles, and we have become highly dependent on the different applications. Information technology is either at the back end or the front end. Almost all the business and corporate have huge amount of customer data.

It has become their top most priority to protect this valuable data which a customer has provided them by trusting them. This continuous data need to be protected from any misuse. This is not only about securing the critical data from unofficial access but Information Security is actually strategic planning of saving data from extraction, modification, disclosure, destruction by any unauthorized access.

Every company maintains security standards and hires a team of information security professionals. Every corporate has information associated with its operations and their business is mostly dependent on the very critical information and hence this information turns out to be an asset for these organizations.

This asset needs to be protected so that it can’t be misused. IT strategies have information security as an integral part of it. The data or the information can be a person’s details on social media profiles; it can also be mobile data or biometrics or bank account information which is highly crucial.

Even every country has government departments that deal with cyber-crimes: they are cyber cells, mobile computing, and many more. They have set a system of data security understanding the information sensitivity.

Information Security three main objectives are

Information Reliability: This means that maintaining data integrity. Any data available cannot be breached which means it cannot be edited or used by any unauthorized access. For example a person’s data on any social media platform or his previous work organization, their data cannot be edited. 

  • Data Confidentiality: This means that any information from any source will be limited to only authorized individuals. For example email account, internet bank account login, or to your company login, for accessing the account an individual needs to provide the login id and the password. This account confidentiality needs to be maintained and hence cannot be breached by an unauthorized individual.
  • Information Authenticity: This means that the verification of the user who is allowed to access. This helps to validate the authorized user. For example, if you use your Gmail account from different devices, like your mobile, laptop, or any other system. The service provider will immediately notify this to the user by email or SMS that your account has been login from a different system or mobile. The use of a decrypted digital signature is also a good example.

We can also say Information Assurance is the key motive of Information Security. This means maintaining data integrity and its authenticity with its confidentiality. So no critical issue takes place. The security of information has developed and became the most significant aspect of information or data.

It offers many other features like information systems auditing, application security, database security, data testing, etc.


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