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Online ER Diagram Assignment Help

ERD stands for Entity Relationship Diagram. This visually represents how each data entity is linked with one another. It is normally used for the setup of databases in the process of software development. It helps to maintain and manage the database. Assignment related to the ER diagram requires a detailed understanding of the ER diagram and its concepts.

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What is the Entity-Relationship diagram?

An Entity-relationship diagram or ER model illustrates the formation of a database. We can also say that the ER diagram is the blueprint of the database. ER Diagram was developed in 1976 by Peter Chen. It was later modified by James Martin and Charles Bachman; they made some improvements to the basic principles of the ER diagram.

With the help of the ER diagram, one can relate to different entities. In the process of software development as database development is an integral part. ER diagram is the first step to be taken for database designing. ER diagram composes of entity sets and their relation to one another.

The entity set refers to the group of the same entities. Each entity has its set of attributes in terms of DBMS. In DBMS entity means tables and their attributes will the columns of the table. ER diagram is a logical configuration of a database. The entity-relationship diagram is used for designing the database.

The database can be created from an Entity relationship diagram. An ER diagram can be created automatically by exporting external files like CSV files or excel files. An ER diagram reflects that how the data is related to each other.

The main components of the ER diagram are Entity, Attribute, and Relationship. Below is the common entity relationship symbols used for ER diagram    

  • Entity: This is represented by a rectangle symbol. In a database, an entity defines an object regarding which data needs to be stored.

Entity - ERD Symbol

The symbol for the entity with the foreign key means that the entity is not defined uniquely.

Weak entity - ERD Symbol

  • Attributes: The attributes symbol is oval. There are four types of attributes

Attribute - ERD Symbol

  • Key attributes - This attribute is identified as a primary key for an entity. The column data will be unique for the table. For example, there is an employee entity, so the key attribute will be employee id which will be unique for every employee.
  • Composite attribute – This attribute is a group of different attributes. We can say that this attribute has sub-attributes. For example, employee address attributes comprise of city, state, country.
  • Multi-valued attribute – In the ER diagram, the symbol for the multi-valued attribute is double ovals. This attribute consists of multiple values. For example employee identification proof, an employee can provide multiple ID proofs and such data is stored in a multi-valued attribute.
  • Derived attribute - When a value or data is derived from other attributes this is called a derived attribute. For example for calculating an employee's age, the value can be derived from employee DOB attributes. The symbol for the derived attribute is dashed oval.  
  • Entity Relationship: The symbol that represents the entity-relationship is of diamond shape. This represents the entity-relationship to one another in the database. There are four types of entity-relationship:

Action - ERD Symbol

  • One to One relationship - It defines that one entity attribute is related to only one attribute of another entity. For example, every passport will be unique and can be given to only one person. This is called a 1 to 1 relationship.
  • One to Many relationships – One entity can have multiple related data from another entity. For example, one customer care person can handle multiple customers but every customer will have only one specific customer care person for assistance.
  • Many to One relationship –An example can be many employees can work in an organization but an employee can only work in one organization at a time.
  • Many to many relationships – The best example to understand this is that one student can hold many degrees as well as the same qualification can be achieved by many people.

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