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CDR Report Writing Service

Engineering students aspiring to have a bright career oversea are required to prepare a well-written CDR before the immigration department of the country. The professionals applying for overseas jobs especially for the jobs in Australia are required to submit a Competency Demonstration Report to EA. CDR documents are approved by the EA (Engineers Australia).

EA evaluates the CDR document submitted by professional engineering aspirants, for the approval of Australia migration. The engineers willing to work abroad need to put forward a CDR document, if the candidature meets the guidelines set by EA in Australia, the candidate can get the chance to work in Australia.

The CDR report is very important and should reflect the engineering skills and candidate’s knowledge in a very positive way. The main use of CDR assessment is to under the technical knowledge of the professional engineers. It helps EA to understand that how much practical knowledge the candidate possesses. CDR helps in comparing the competency capabilities of the professional.

Drafting the well-written CDR is very important for an engineer for Australian immigration, who is willing to work in a foreign land. The engineers find it difficult to prepare an impressive CDR that could represent their skills in the best possible way; hence they seek expert assistance. We as one of the best CDR report writing services offer our best to help the candidate to get through this immigration process.

We have a team of experts who are highly skilled in writing CRD reports and have many years of professional experience. Our experts are proficient in writing exceptionally well CDR reports. They will prepare a well-written and well-formatted CDR report following all the guidelines provided by EA. We very well understand the requirements of the candidate and work towards fulfilling their goals.

We understand that it is very essential to compose a perfect CDR report and get Engineers Australia approval. Many engineering professionals submit an application for Australian visa migration for developing a better career and life, but are unable to produce an impressive CDR report. Even after having good technical skills and qualifications for the job, they were unable to get through the visa immigration process and get rejected.

We ensure the candidate provides effective CDR and make sure that the applicant will have a bright future overseas. Along with CDR writing, we also offer CDR tutoring, and CDR reviewing services.


Why CDR Report Writing Service is needed?

CDR documents are very important for engineering professionals who wanted to work in Australia, but getting approval from EA (Engineering Australia) is not an easy task. Preparing a Competency Documentation Report is very difficult for the student. One of the reasons for application rejection is the weak writing skills of the candidate. There are many reasons that the applicant requires expert help in writing an impressive CDR

  • Many times a candidate is not proficient with the language, as per the guideline from the EA, CDR must be written only in British English or Australian native language.

  • Unable to understand the guideline given and find it difficult to follow them.

  • As CDR document writing is very time taking and requires a lot of effort, thus it becomes difficult for the professional engineer to manage time with the ongoing task. Hence they seek expert assistance, which can help them with CDR writing in a limited time.

  • For avoiding any loophole in the CDR report, as it is very important to get selected for the very first time.

  • Writing experts can help them in drafting structured CDR. Once the draft is ready it becomes easy for the candidate to complete it with the relevant details.

  • Experts can assist the candidate to write a CDR in a creative and impressive manner.

  • A CDR writing service provides quality work and helps students with time management.

What is CDR (Competency Demonstration Report)?

A Competency Demonstration Report or CDR is an essential report which needs to be submitted by the engineering students who are keen to work in Australia. This report is submitted to the EA or Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia is the chosen authority for evaluating the immigrants of the engineering profession.

The EA is responsible for the process of skill and ability assessment. The engineering professional from many different places applies to the migration visa to Australia for their bright future. Engineering professionals aim to work in Australia and a desire to achieve higher goals in their professional careers.

CDR for Australia gives an opportunity for immigrant professionals to work in their country. The competency demonstration report helps the professionals to display their engineering skills and knowledge.

The major purpose of CDR is to match the capabilities of the immigrant as per the standards set by Australia. The CDR's purpose is to convince EA that the engineering professional is eligible to work as per the standards and will also be a key resource to the country. A professional needs to work in a constructive way to produce a high-quality CDR. It requires great writing skills for an impressive CDR report.

The important component of CDR

The three main sections of the CDR report are Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Three Career Episodes, and a CDR Summary.

  • Curriculum vitae of the professional: A finely written CV is important for applying CDR. The resume must comprise all the details about the professional. The applicant’s bio should have details about the professional’s engineering degree certificates, relevant work experience, and other academic records. The resume should always have a good impact on EA; all the details must be well-written in short. While writing the resume, one must include all the major achievements. Include a proper heading for every detail such as work experience, degree, and grades, major projects.
  • Three career episodes: This section of the CDR showcases details about the technical skills and relevant ability of the professional engineer to become a part of the organization in Australia. Career episodes mainly include all the key skills of the candidate for being eligible for workplace standards. The job details should start from the introduction of the project, adding the details about the previous job and its project, and then concluding it with the summary. It shows relevant details about the work experience of the candidate in his previous jobs and the major projects handled while pursuing the engineering degree. This section of CDR must be written within 1500-1700 words. 
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development): The additional technical skills that help candidates upgrade their knowledge professionally will come under this heading. All these activities will enhance the productivity of the candidate’s work at the workplace in a better way. CPD activities allow the candidate to work effectively and deal with all challenges in a career path. The activities include information about PG degree certificates, technical certification courses, industrial seminars, short-term workshops, thesis work details, published papers, etc. Other achievements should also be mentioned in CPD. Conclusion: This section concludes the entire report. It is a very important section of CDR. It gives the cross-reference details of the career episodes specified in the CDR document.


CDR Preparation Process

An impressive CDR is very important to get opportunities for perusing a prosperous career in Australia. CDR preparation is a time taking process. Even for a talented candidate, it is difficult to prepare an impressive CDR. To get the visa for migration, engineers need to write the CDR in a noticeable format.

A well-written CDR is always the priority of the approval authorities. Once the CDR is approved the candidates can easily get the visa and enjoy the new heights of their careers. A few important steps to write an impressive CDR are as follows:

  • For applying for the Australian migration, appropriate prior planning is a very important step. Plan every section before writing a CDR report. Collect all the documents and certificates.

  • List out all the previous employers and job skills. Mention the objective of the job undertaken, your key responsibilities, and the achievements, time duration of the job. 

  • Follow MSA Booklet mentioned criteria. In the MSA booklet, all the rules and eligibility are stated clearly for Immigration purposes.

  • The guidelines of the ANZSCO code of engineering must be followed.

  • All the key skills of the candidates must be highlighted. An engineer must give details about the challenges during the job and how they managed to handle such critical situations. The practical engineering knowledge and how they used their skills in solving the issues, should be included in CDR.

  • This will help the EA panel in analyzing the capabilities of the candidates. The writing must be very easy to understand so that one can add all the positive skills without messing it up.

  • A CDR should be written in a structured way. It becomes more readable when proper heading and sub-headings are included. Design in the CDR document increases the chances of getting shortlisted by a panel of EA. The design gives a better overview of the CDR.

  •  A comprehensive CDR is always preferred by the EA panel. It is good to give details about the version of the software used, training program codes, and workshop details in the appropriate segment of the Competency Demonstration Report.

  • All the significant details about the professional achievements related to engineering discipline must be included in the report. Listing out the achievements extends a good impression to the EA panel. All the achievements should be briefly described in CDR.

  • Additional positive information related to economic and social welfare should also be mentioned in the CDR document.

Tips to write Competency Demonstration Report

There are a few key points which one should remember while writing the CDR document.

  • Follow the MSA rulebook: All the guidelines and instructions are mentioned in the MSA rulebook. An applicant should blindly follow all the instructions given in the MSA rulebook while writing the CDR document. Many important details such as text format, section word limit, and other details are given, which will help the candidate produce an impressive CDR document.

  •  Enhance key points: All the details must be relevant and should not be overwritten. One should include all the key achievements but it should be written to the point and not be unnecessarily elaborated. The overall picture should be clear and not be messed up. Follow all the word limit guidelines. 

  • Language: According to the EA guidelines, the CDR must be written in British English or Australian English.

  • Plagiarism free: A candidate can take help from previous CDR documents but it should not be copy-pasted. EA will only entertain a plagiarism-free CDR document. It is mentioned in EA guidelines that every submitted document must be 100% plagiarism-free, or else it will get rejected at the very first round of evaluation.  

  • Authentic certificates: All the degree certificates provided with the CDR must be 100% authentic. Only genuine information must be provided as EA will cross-verify every submitted document.

  • Qualification relatable to the job position: A candidate must ensure that all the details provided must be related to the job position available. For a better assessment of the candidate’s profile by EA, the required skills for the job must be highlighted along with the relevant documents. 

  • Well-written CDR: The foremost point which must be remembered is that the CDR should be written in a person’s active voice. Every section of CDR must be preciously written and the writer must be very careful about the provided details in the right section.

  • The details should be in the appropriate section of the document. Many times a good candidate’s application gets rejected only because of improper details provided in the CDR. One must be very careful while writing the CDR, as it is the first and most important step for getting Australia migration.

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    • Well-written CDR: Our experts follow all the guidelines from the EA. They follow every piece of text written. We provide high-quality and well-formatted CDR report to the candidate. Our writing experts work with high accuracy and bring error-free researched work. Our team put a lot of effort to prepare an impressive CDR.

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    • Re-editing support: Many times the applicant request some changes in their CDR or provide some feedback, our team will immediately provide help to the candidate. Our client can ask for multiple CDR revisions and text formatting. We allow several re-editing support. We follow all the guidelines from Engineer Australia (EA) and the MSA rulebook. The candidate can ask for help via live chats as well.

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