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Sales & promotion Assignment Help 

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Sales & promotion include a lot of actions of communications that try to give extra value, inducement, and stimulus to retailers, customers, wholesalers, or advanced managerial businesses to inspire instant sales & promotion. These attempts can try to inspire product awareness, acquisition, and trial. We have many assignment experts in our group.

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Introduction to sales and promotion
Sales & promotion signifies to the behavior which co-ordinates and supplement personal advertising and selling to fascinate client to purchase a product.

Sales & promotion approaches incorporate demonstrations, displays, exhibitions, expositions and other non-regular selling attempts that aim at urging advertisement action of buying by future customers.

Sales & promotion, as part of the complete supply system, make an important role in provoking the user to purchase our product. Sales & promotion include so many activities that it is very tough to describe it precisely.

Consumer role in Sales & promotion

Some are given below, which shows the importance of customer, client, and consumer:

Enough product knowledge: numerous promotions approach for consumer-like training about the use of product and demonstration etc. provide enough knowledge to the client, consumer or customer regarding the operation, maintenance, use and upkeeping of the product.
Accessibility of product at less amount: some promotional tools for sales can fascinate the customers. Those Tools are like:

  • Discounts
  • Premium offers
  • Some deal
  • Free deals
  • Price off activities. Etc.

Increase customers' confidence for buying: give chance to customers to use, realize and see the product by giving it free of cost. If once customers get satisfied with the quality and product, then we will win the consumer’s confidence in buying our products. This activity can create confidence to decide on purchasing a product.

Enhancement in the Quality of the product: Customers will get attracted to quality. If quality is maintained, then definitely sales will get an increase.

Less exploitation: The seller cannot exploit customers by any means. The seller cannot make any monopoly in the market in his product. Promotion programs can give enough understanding about the product, making process and ingredient used.

Producer role in Sales & promotion: The producer plays an important role in sales & promotion activity. Some factors are given below:

Enhancement in sales: Promotional activity for sales fascinates the customers and encourages them to purchase, then it leads to an increase in sales.
Seasonal product sale: Offer given while not in trend or say in the off-season can increase or maintain the sale. Offer such as price cuts, discounts can help to increase sales in the offseason. It can continue the sale throughout the year.
Enhance the impact of personal selling and advertisement: the promotion activity like advertisement enhances the sale. It drives the customer to buy more and more. It increases the satisfaction of the customer.
Cooperation or help from middlemen: middlemen can be a dealer. The producer can give some incentives and offer to dealers on their good sales. This is the best sale promotion for dealers.
Services and product demand: by offering free samples, the newly designed product can create our space in the market.
Newmarket capturing: capturing the market is very important. By providing quality and minimum-price products, one can capture the market.
Goodwill increment: by giving good quality consistently, one can make goodwill. Good quality consistency, price satisfaction, transparency to customers, and customer services are the factors that can increase goodwill in the market.
Suggestion from customers: sales activity involves time to time feedback from the user for the betterment of the product. Product advancement is very essential to stand in the market.

Middlemen and dealer’s role in Sales & promotion

  • Enables a great number of sales
  • More facilities help and assistance should be given to meddling men o dealers.
  • Direct talk and relationships should be there.


Society role in Sales & Promotion

  • Enhance the standard of living in the nation and society.
  • It enhances the opportunity of employment in a nation and society.
  • Expansion and development of communication, transport, warehousing, banking, and insurance.
  • Enhance the gross national product and gross national income.
  • It makes healthy competition international and national.

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    Objectives of sales & promotion
    Sales and promotion are an important connection, bridge, and link between advertising and selling. Sales promotion activities are to accomplish the objectives given below:

    • To enhance sales via advertisement by poster, media, and press.
    • To circulate knowledge about products and information via dealers, middlemen, and salesmen, etc.
    • To enthuses consumers to make buy at the phase of buy.
    • To encourage old customers to purchase more and more.
    • To make, design, and introduce new articles and products.
    • To create and fascinate new clients, customers, and consumers.
    • To meet the market. Or say to make our place in this competition.
    • To check off-season decrement in the number of sales.
    • Now a day, sales & promotion’s importance has enhanced extremely in this contemporary era. A huge amount is being expenses inactivity of sales & promotion.     



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