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Harvey Walker

12 Apr, 2021


What is CDR?

A CDR or a competency demonstration report (CDR) mandatory for any student in the engineering field looking to excel in his/her career in the area in Australia. It is a document representing your relevant skills in the field of engineering that meet the Australian standard.


The Australian engineer assesses the CDR report submitted and then decides whether you are the right fit for the job you have applied for. If the CDR report you submitted is found fit, it becomes the base of your immigration to Australia.

A CDR is the most important thing for the engineer professional planning to move to Austria. If you are the one, then CDR is the one thing that should not be compromised upon; So. At Assignment achievers, we have a team of experts who hold the first-hand experience in CDR report writing, holding expertise in CDR writing. They have already been assessed by the EA and have helped the individuals write their CDR for several years.

Guidelines for writing a CDR

While writing a CDR report, the biggest mistake is the lack of correct information leading to the poor quality CDR report. If you feel concerned about writing a CDR report, you can always help a professional CDR writing expert. So, here is the proper guideline by Engineers Australia that you must follow.

  • The CV you provide is the crux of your engineering education and work experience. It should contain the employment information and not the projects that you have worked on. Moreover, the information you provide must not exceed three sheets of A4 size paper, while mentioning a workplace that tries to include the Name & Location of the organization, duration, and date of joining job title, and the brief description regarding responsibilities you hold there. 
  • The career report you write is bound to be in English and should be narrated within 2,500 words written in the first-person perspective and an essay format.
  • You must follow the paragraph numbers that will help in referring to the summary statement.

Guide for CDR writing

While writing a CDR, always remember this tip provided by CDR writing experts.

  • Always try to show your competency in a field that you are applying, demonstrating your skills showing you proficiency in engineering in the particular area.
  • Always use Australian English while writing a CDR report. It helps to show your competency and communication skills.
  • Don't try to overfill the Career Episodes with non-useful things like your past background at your company or highlighting your efforts to showcase what importance you hold for your previous organization.
  • Always back your work by supporting the document and evidence.
  • You have to be relevant because the assessor constantly analyses that the information you provide proves your selected competency element as the most appropriate skill for getting selected.

Assignment Achievers recommend that you get help from experts if you get trouble while CDR writing. We at Assignments Achiever provide the best CDR report writing service as our experts have years of experience in CDR writing and have already helped many students and professionals settle in Australia in the field of Engineering.