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Harvey Walker

20 Oct, 2021


Do my assignment have any impact on my learning progress? The answer isn’t as simple as “yes” or “no.”

Do my assignment have any impact on my learning progress? The answer isn’t as simple as “yes” or “no.” That reality is that we are currently hearing arguments for and against the idea of allocating assignments.

For a student, having a mental argument between two competing ideas is nothing new. On one side of the spectrum, the mind believes that assignments help one grow and encourage positive learning.

In contrast, on the other side, the mind argues that assignments are merely extra work that one as a student and teachers both put into learning to achieve no good learning outcomes.

How to determine if assignments are a good way of learning or not?

To assess whether a writing assignment has any benefits in the learning process, it is first necessary to understand all sides of the issue.

  • The assignment supporters

First, let’s have a look at the support of the assignments. These students and others feel that assignment writing has a significant value and is a fundamental viral part of academics. According to this group, a steady stream of tasks can help students develop important skills like time management, organisation, and critical thinking. These people believe that assignments may help students practice and evaluate what they’ve learned and that they can function as reinforcement for it.

  • The assignment opponents

Assignments, according to this group, eat up important class time. That homework, especially in the lower classes, sometimes needs assignment writing help. As a result, it encourages students to rush and cheat by seeking more assistance from online sites in most situations.

Furthermore, they argue that time spent on assignments can be spent reading and that assignments can create stress in some situations since they take away time from family, friends, and other activities.

So what conclusion can be drawn?

It’s critical to look at the scientific proof in the form of a completed study in this situation, as it is in every argument. As a result, we must consider several crucial ideas in determining what constitutes a good, effective assignment.

  • The changed role of teachers

To begin with, we may alter the roles of instructors and academics. It is a method in which the roles of teachers and students are switched around. The role of the teacher is reversed in this scenario, and lecturers are prepared and given in the form of recorded sessions, providing students with the freedom to work as they see fit.

It allows students to rewind and study topics that they could not grasp fully while also allowing them to learn the confines of their own homes.

In this technique, students work on the assignment in class rather than at home, with supervision from the teacher or supervisor. Thus, classroom time is focused on the application of information rather than direct instruction.

  • Assignment competition with the help

With the changes mentioned above to the teacher’s position, students have a better chance of receiving adequate support from the professor. The teacher must not judge the learner or apply any pressure as part of this teaching approach. It is why the teachers recognise how unique each student is. The goal is to tailor the teaching/lecture to each learner.

  • Assignment with a practical learning approach

The point of assignment in this type of learning is to make learning interesting because it focuses on the form of projects; for example, if you teach a student that the sunlight consists of seven colours, they may not remember for a long time, but if the same thing is expressed with a prism dispersing the seven colours, the probability of remembering the fact is higher.

Such innovative and interesting ways of assignment and project-based learning can help bring the positive in the provide with answers to do my assignment questions,

  • Implementation of unorthodox ways

Another way that assignments may assist in the learning process is by causing a total shift in the traditional teaching methods that parents and instructors have established for a long time.

The more practical application of an unconventional style of learning, not only on the part of students but also on parents and instructors, can result in a massively favourable attitude toward the assignment. More interesting assignments with equal contributions from the teacher and students can make a beneficial difference.


Hopefully, the answer to the question “Do my assignment have any impact on my learning progress?” The bottom line is that the assignments should not be ignored. Assignments are good if the organisation knows how to assign them and make them interactive and engaging.

This can be accomplished by making the task more personalised and incorporating the students’ physical and mental efforts.

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