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Mandate past of languages:

Mandate past of C language

C language is a type of programming language which initiates at Laboratories named ‘AT & T’s Bell from country USA in the year 1972. It was composed by a person named Dennis Ritchie. This programming language was made for an exact purpose like creating an operating system such as UNIX (this operating system is deployed on a lot of computers system).

From the start, the C language was meant to be very useful. This is to permit busy coders or programmers to move things done.

Mandate past of C++ language
C++ language was inscribed by Danish computer scientist “Bjarne Stroustrup” at Bell Labs through the year 1983 to the year 1985. C++ programming language is an addition of C. before 1983, scientist Bjarne Stroustrup gave more characteristics to C language and developed what he named it, ‘C language with Classes’.

Scientific had mixed the object-oriented characteristics and use of classes of Simula and with the ability, power, control, and efficiency of C language. The terminology C++ was primarily used in the year 1983.

Mandate past of C# (C-sharp) language
The basic and main originators of C-# language were scientist Peter Golde, Peter Sollichy, Eric Gunnerson, Scott Wiltamuth, and Anders Hejlsberg. As expected, the principal scientist designer of the C- sharp programming language was computer scientist named Anders Hejlsberg. He is a chief architect at Microsoft lab. C# language was invented to be an unadulterated object-oriented type programming language.

C sharp language came out in the year 2000 at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) where American business magnate Bill Gates who is Microsoft's founder was the center speaker. simultaneously, Visual Studio .NET was made widely known.

Detail of Data types & sizes:

C data types

In C Language programming, here are four essential Date type is given below:

  • int – it is an integer, which is normally revealing the usual size of integers on the system or host machine.
  • Float – it is a single-accuracy floating point.
  • Double – it is a double accuracy type floating point.
  • char – it is a single byte, it is accomplished of holding a single character in the resident character set.

C++ data type
In the C++ programming language, the primitive data type is nearly identical to C language. In the C++ programming language, C++ is having one more datum type that is Booleans. A Boolean data type denoted as bool can maintain one of the double values false or true. A Boolean data type is expended to precise the output of logical processes.

C  # data type
The Boolean data type in C - sharp has a slight change among that in C++ language. In C - # language, the Boolean data type can have only two significance either true or false. however, in C++ programming, the Boolean data type can additionally have zero as the denomination which denotes false and anything apart from it denotes true value. Integral Data Types in c - # language is in addition dissimilar from C programming and C++ programming.

String type of C, C++ and C#:
In the C programming language, we don’t have any string type. The char data type which is an array is used rather than a String type.

In the C++ programming language, we are having two types of data strings which are:

  • C - style strings
  • C++ - style strings.

A C-style string, which contains an array data type of characters or fonts ended by the null type character that is '\0', and this is having characteristics further for those of a general array of some characters, in addition, it is having a whole data library of some functions for associating with strings data type characterized in this shape.

A C++-style string normally is a kind of ‘class’ data type. The C++ - style string is having instances as the objects of the class. In this, we are having a library of C++ - style string functions also.

In C-# programming, the String kind of data type is given as a reference kind of data type. An example of Strings data type is discussed as an object in these programming languages, although provision for string data type literals gives a concentrated way of forming them. C # programming language also permits verbatim strings for the purpose of quotation exclusive of the escape sequences, which in addition, permits newlines.”

More on C, C++, and C# programming:
C language is an essential or moderate programming language as it could be accumulated in a straightforward way by a simple compiler. C language gives low-level retrieval to system memory through the pointers and the aptitude to retrieve exact hardware addresses.

C programming language produces only minimum instructions and command of machine kinds of languages for every core language component of it and it does not need wide support while a program is running.

yet, the C++ programming language has some shortcomings. Those are:

  • The C++ program or code is prone to errors very easily.
  • C++ programming language does not provide very fervent type checking.
  • C++ language does not compatible with the platform-independent environment.
  • C++ code is not able to execute on every type of platform.
  • The basic shortcoming with the C++ code is that it is not a perfect type of object-oriented programming language.

C sharp programming is made up of coding the Microsoft .NET structure. C sharp is used for Microsoft.net. C sharp is a mixture of different programming languages in a balanced and perfect manner.

C sharp is a completely object-oriented programming language. The brief syntax of C language is in addition inserted to C - sharp language. Some relational database management systems can also be compatible with the C # language. Those relational database management systems are:

  • Mysql
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL server

All type of programming needs a proper flow chart, algorithm, planning, timeline and execution for efficient and effective output. And testing is also a major part of programming.

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