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Grace Harper

22 Jul, 2021


Writing a dissertation proposal is the first step in preparing a dissertation. Moreover, it is the most crucial task as it assists the committee in determining whether the dissertation research topic chosen can be examined further or not.

A dissertation proposal is the primary and foremost step towards writing a dissertation. It's a formal document representing that your research is supported by the academic qualification degree. Dissertation research proposal examples help in understanding the true meaning of dissertation proposal writing. They provide an overview of writing an intro for research, sum up research goals, and suggest a research method.

In the following blog, we will analyze a dissertation proposal and why it holds so much value.

What is the purpose of a dissertation research proposal?

  • A dissertation proposal is an overview of the research followed.
  • It's a tool to convince the committee members that a research topic selected can be studied further.
  • It reflects the capability of overcoming the problems of a subject.
  • Every dissertation proposal includes a straightforward research question, a hypothesis capable of testing, and a thorough plan for putting the hypotheses to the test.
  • The objective of the research question is to persuade readers that it is possible to enhance the area in the broad field and is practicable to be pursued.

What is the function of the dissertation proposal?

You are well aware that dissertation proposal writing is the beginning of a dissertation writing process. In most cases containing the element holding the attention of a research subject and the apt method employed for the research. Let's find out why dissertation proposals hold such significance and what its prime functions are.

  • Communication

It is a significant outcome of dissertation proposal writing. How? When you submit a proposal, it acts as a means of communicating your research plans to persons who will provide consultation, consent, or assist with funds.

The dissertation proposal document is the essential resource on which the dissertation committee bases its final permission for the research project's implementation. It also makes it easier for funding bodies to offer their final approval. The clarity and thoroughness of the proposal determine the quality of assistance, the cost of consultation, and the likelihood of receiving financial aid.

  • Plan 

Your proposal is a representation of the plans that you will put into effect. The proposal's empirical research is meticulously carried out holistically, combining pre-planned observations of a limited range of events. Your dissertation will be graded based on the supporting arguments and explanations that you present in your dissertation proposal.

Your proposal discusses the idea in step-by-step detail when you deliver it. Your dissertation process will run more smoothly if you have a clear plan that includes the most meticulous anticipating complications. The amount of thoroughness and details necessary for another investigator to continue the subject in the future are characteristics of a successful dissertation.

  • Contract

After you've finished your strategy, you'll need to get approval from the sponsoring committee members. According to a plan approved, it should lay the groundwork for a report that fulfils all requirements if the inquiry is conducted effectively and comprehensively. Once you've gotten final confirmation, you and the sponsoring group sign a contract. Only minor changes are permissible after a contract is signed.

Before collecting data, the dissertation proposal should be in its final form. No additional modifications are accepted to the data by the committee or the person presenting it before it is finalized.

How to write a dissertation proposal?

The first action in learning how to create a superb dissertation is to formulate a dissertation proposal. Your dissertation proposal should centre on an important topic or subject that you, your committee, and the scholarly community as a whole are interested in; each field has its format for dissertation proposals. However, most of the following components are included in the proposal in some manner. Here are the components that form the basic structure of the dissertation proposal.

  • Title Page

The author's personal information appears on the title page.

  • Introduction

This part aims to inform readers about the study's area and provide a comprehensive summary of the conditions, points, and context that led to the investigated topic.

  • Research Question

Your dissertation research proposal should include a clear definition of the study purpose, as well as the issue the research attempts to address.

  • Research Methodology

For a perfect dissertation proposal, this part is essential. Here you define the broad methods, materials, procedures, and activities allowed to meet the study's objectives.

  • Research Chapter

You give a quick synopsis of the essential chapters you intend to include in your dissertation in this section.

  • Bibliography

This section should cover all papers cited in the dissertation. Incorporating sources utilized in the dissertation is also a brilliant idea.


You now realize the significance of a dissertation proposal in your writing. It is often the most challenging aspect of preparing a dissertation. However, if you do it correctly, you will end up with a high-quality dissertation. You're making something out of nothing when you write a proposal. Understanding a problem, discovering relevant literature, reading it, and summarising it are all critical. You can refer to dissertation research proposal examples to learn how to write a dissertation proposal correctly.

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