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Harvey Walker

18 May, 2021


Strategic management is the academic discipline that helps students to understand various strategies.

Strategic management is a practical thing in the business. That is the reason most universities are now developing this discipline as a field of study. The students are also now attracted to strategic management study and try to develop new and innovative solutions when assigned assignments.

In addition, strategic management assignments help the student to develop more clarity with the topic.

Students in this subject are taught the basics of all the business frameworks and operations. This helps in developing strategies for new business problems.

Strategic management is a continuous process that guides the functional efficiency of the business. So that other aspects of business do not have to suffer.

Strategic management consists primarily of two major things: the first one is resource allocation, and the second one is a top-level management function.IT also includes two important sub-sectors consisting of

  • Advertisement strategy of a company and,
  • Workforce efficiency.

These two activities are the most crucial, and they state a business as it shows the potential source of profit maximization and ensures smooth flow of business operation. This ensures the business will run longer and success will be attained at regular intervals.

Moreover, marketing is also a crucial part of the business sector, leading to an analysis of data added by the marketing and advertisement of products and services.

A business marketing strategy solely depends upon the strategic management assignment. That is made after keeping into consideration three major factors, including.

  • Leader

Leader in the one product or service that dominates the market. It is the product or service that is widely used.

  • Challenger

Challenger is the one that is standing on the same grounds of the business. Which means we are the direct competitor to one another.

  • Follower

Followers are the ones that are loyal to our product and service and, in all circumstances, prefer product or service over others.

What are the Various Types of Marketing Strategies?

The various types of marketing strategies that students should be aware of while dealing with strategic management assignments include

  1. Affinity Marketing
  2. Alliance Marketing
  3. Ambush Marketing
  4. Community Marketing
  5. Close Range Marketing

  • Alliance Marketing

It includes the concept of partnership in which two companies align together to achieve a shared interest of bringing a large consumer base to their concern service or product. 

  • Ambush Marketing

It is a strategy adopted by small businesses. However, in this type of strategy, the company runs into someone else's campaign to increase its brand awareness. This happens at events when businesses without any permission promote their services and product outside the event. This can be understood by the example of merchandise sellers outside the concert hall.

  • Community Marketing

It is a strategy in which the focus remains on making the brand presence by interacting with the customers. This type of marketing takes place at online message boards, Facebook groups, and Twitter accounts. The basic aim of this marketing is to make customers feel important by answering their needs.

  • Close Range Marketing

This is the most attractive marketing strategy in this type of marketing strategy. The business gives the concerned customer some new information or experience. This mainly involves the use of wireless technology to send exclusive information. E.g., discount coupons, special offers, etc., received by mail.

Strategic management is a new way of developing a marketing strategy. It is hard to get the basic concept of this as a student while working on the assignment. So, strategic management assignment help becomes a must.

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